Original Watercolours by Peter Basham

All work is painted on heavyweight watercolour paper, using artist quality watercolour paints.

Actual size of each painting is shown, and comes in a pale ivory mount, ready for framing.

Abstract watercolour of musical notes rising from the earth


62 x15cm £155

Moody river scene with moored boats

Boats at Rest

62x15cm £155

Painting of a tree in a blue landscape


62x15cm £155

Original watercolour of poppies painted in loose washes


62x15cm £155

Impressionistic nature painting of trees in a wood


62x15cm £155

Original watercolour of trees painted in autumn colours

Autumn Scene

62x15cm £155

Original watercolour, impression of swifts in flight, soft tones,

Summer Rising

36x36cm £170

Watercolour with trees by a pond, still water

By the Waters Edge

46x22cm £155

Watercolour of owl in tree at sunset

The Watcher

34x34cm £155

Watercolour, medatative scene with a single tree in a colourful background


34x28cm £140

Original painting of a woodland scene with deer, in soft colours

Quiet Wood

36x36cm £170

Orignal painting of barn owl in flight, loose washes

Owl in Flight

46x22cm £155

Impressionistic watercolour of light through trees

Beyond the Trees

30x30cm £140

Watercolour of a group of wild poppy flowers in full bloom

Poppy Heaven

36x36cm £170

watercolour of a tree in landscape painted in soft tones

A Quiet Place

35x35cm £155

original watercolour, impression of seedheads against a dark sky

Heads Up

46x22cm £155

Watercolour expression, representing man, tree, colour in the eye of a storm

Eye of the Storm

35x35cm £155

Colourful watercolour of swifts in flight

Back for Summer

46x22cm £155

Any artwork purchased will be posted within 3-5 working days of receiving the order.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact me.

©Peter Basham

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