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Excerpt from chapter one

Excerpt from chapter one

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Stories for 7-12 year olds

Written and illustrated by watercolour artist, Peter Basham

Three heartfelt, magical stories to fire the imagination

Two worlds, two children, and a moon must come together in a story of life, truth and a bridge.

Follow Eva Verity Briggs, as she is called upon to help a far-off world, out of step with itself.

In a second story, it seems that Eva Verity Briggs is needed once again to help a far-off world. Only the world is not so far away, just the other side of a window on the moon.

Carried by a moonbeam to the watery world of Hydros, Eva must confront the Shadow Being she finds there, who is intent on ruling this strange world, and its exotic people

Where is Eva Verity Briggs?

Who is Skoll?

What is Deadspace?

In this third story, old friends and new help Eva as she travels across Winnow, a world of air. Here, she must summon all her courage, as she is drawn towards a final confrontation, in Deadspace, with the Shadow Being, Skoll, in a thoughtful conclusion to an enjoyable trilogy.

Paperback, £4-99 each plus £2-50 p&p.





©Peter Basham

 The copyright of all images on this website remains with the artist.

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